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Are You Dispensing at a Profit, or at a Loss?

We all dislike that sinking feeling and sense of loss when we discover we’ve wasted our time and effort.

Imagine finding out that your patient is happy with their medication, your medicine supplier is satisfied you’ve settled their invoice, and here you are finding out you’ve sold the medicine for less than you’ve paid. Arrh!!!

About Medicine Price File

Though well-intentioned, most dispensing practitioners just don’t have the time to keep their medicine file up-to-date.

The speed and extent with which their prices quickly fall behind is quite breathtaking. We’re talking of losing money within three months of stagnation. painful.

Considering the business side of running a practice it just makes more sense to let us do the heavy lifting for you. Let us provide the service. You simply sit back and reap the financial rewards.  And getting onboard happens literally in an instant.

What are you waiting for?

Fudley Bezuidenhout Pr.Eng.

Medicine Price Files We Supply

Medicine Price file Selection


Includes: MEDS only
Updated as-released by DOH


Cons, Procs, Inje & Meds Updated monthly


Meds & Material
Updated quarterly


Cons, Procs, Inje & Meds
Updated monthly

Use Cases

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Typical medical practices are busy, with the doctor and staff wearing many hats. The propensity for pricing neglect is very high, happening practically by default. The medicine price file is a great strategic defense against the almost-inevitable.

Dispensing Doctors

Ideally suited to point-of-sale environments, prices can be kept up-to-date without waiting for new stock to be delivered of pharmaceutical stocktake. Plus adjusted prices are applied immediately at time of dispensing, a win for the clinic-owner.


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